Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program (CCSEP)


Background: Established in 1973, the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program (CCSEP) stands as a testament to the enduring diplomatic and educational relationship between China and Canada. Born out of the visionary collaboration between Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the CCSEP represents a longstanding commitment to fostering mutual understanding and scholarly exchange between the two nations.

Objectives: The primary goal of the CCSEP is to provide Chinese scholars and professionals with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Canadian academia and society. By facilitating cross-cultural experiences, the program aims to enhance participants’ knowledge of Canada, contributing to a broader perspective on global issues.

Description: Scholarships awarded through the CCSEP typically span four to 12 months, offering recipients a window into Canadian research opportunities. Unlike traditional academic programs, this initiative does not require formal enrollment at a Canadian university. Instead, successful candidates assume the role of visiting scholars, allowing them to engage deeply in their chosen fields of study.

Participants are expected to commence their programs in Canada before the conclusion of February 2024, embarking on a transformative journey that transcends traditional academic boundaries.

Eligibility: The CCSEP is open to a diverse range of individuals, including full-time, permanent teaching or research staff, master’s or doctoral graduates, and non-academics in China holding senior professional positions such as judges, broadcasters, and economists. The program seeks to empower participants to make distinctive contributions upon their return to China, enriching life in their home country and promoting lasting connections between Canada and China.

Fields of Study: Preference is given to candidates in key fields that play pivotal roles in shaping global dynamics. These fields include:

  1. Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration
  2. Business Management
  3. Economics/Finance/Banking
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. Law
  6. Education
  7. Public Health Policy and Management

Administrators: The administration of the CCSEP is a collaborative effort between the China Scholarship Council and the Canadian Embassy in China. These esteemed entities work synergistically to oversee the application process, ensure a rigorous selection procedure, and provide ongoing support to scholars throughout their transformative journey.

Application Process: Interested candidates are encouraged to consult the China Scholarship Council for comprehensive application details. The application guidelines, requirements, and further information can be accessed on the China Scholarship Council’s official website (available in Chinese only): China Scholarship Council – CCSEP

Impact and Legacy: The CCSEP not only serves as a vehicle for individual academic and professional growth but also contributes significantly to the broader diplomatic landscape. By fostering lasting connections and promoting a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures, the program builds bridges between China and Canada, leaving a lasting legacy of collaboration, friendship, and shared knowledge. As participants embark on this transformative academic journey, they become ambassadors of goodwill, enriching the fabric of international relations between these two nations.


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