Why doing more sport is not enough to lose weight

In order to look good, people go on massively different diets, but often they don’t get the result they want. Here are some of the most common weight loss mistakes and how you can speed up the process.

The psychological problem The main reason for the weight gain is in most cases more or less deeply rooted psycho-emotional problems, which can be connected with childhood trauma, personal relationships, whether unrealized or conscious and hidden. Problem, you will lose weight and then eat again.

And this process becomes endless. It’s like cleaning the water without turning off the tap. Do?To finally understand why you are overeating, speak openly or contact a psychoanalyst to find this problem and help you fix it. Weight gain are different types of hormonal failure and a number of diseases, particularly hypothyroidism and other thyroid dysfunction, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, hypothalamic dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, pancreatic and digestive system disorders, etc., result in weight gain. do not overeat and the weight will gain, it may also be related to heart failure or nephrotic syndrome (due to swelling).

It is necessary to undergo a full physical exam. I am sure that eating helps cure all diseases, but it is ideal to plan “nutritionally” when designing your eating plan in order to solve not only an aesthetic but also a health problem.However, in severe cases, pharmacological assistance may be required. Mistake No. 3 Diet restriction In order to lose excess weight, most “sit” on a new type of diet or an old, proven nutritional system that drastically restricts the intake of fat or carbohydrates. this works and the weight disappears, but this approach does not solve the problem: as soon as we return to the usual meal (usually imperceptible to us), the old kilograms return, and quite quickly and with an additional 56 kg.? To create a balanced diet or diet in which you can live your whole life (depending on the mood and the season, changing the details and mood, but at the same time maintaining the basis), products should be exceptionally comfortable for you, and also useful for health and Figure.

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The base of the menu should ideally consist of vegetables, fiber, raw vegetables and fruits, vegetable fats, shellfish, fish, some nuts and whole grains.

Mistake # 4.Counting Calories Nutritionists around the world have long since given up counting calories, and yet that tradition lives on. And the advice on counting calories is given by people who call themselves “professionals”. For example, what can you eat at 1400 Kcal to lose weight? for women option number one two chocolates option number two a full breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of products saturated with vitamins and minerals in the first case the sugar content is increased dramatically, which causes a wolfish appetite and at the same time you end up getting a mountain eat a roll. In the second, you will be full and happy, and the weight will continue to drop comfortably and smoothly. In most cases, psycho-emotional problems are the main cause of weight gain. Do?Consciously eat a meal that is rich in vitamins and trace elements that, in small portions, can provide maximum satiety.

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Mistake No. 5 Drinking less water Water is necessary for our body to normalize metabolic processes, activate blood circulation, coordinate the work of all organs and systems, and eliminate excess fluids, toxins and breakdown products from the body. Many drink little because they are not thirsty. In fact, we only feel thirsty when the body is dehydrated and cries out for help. Do? Drink at least 2.5 liters of clean water every day. Tea and juices don’t count.

Mistake No. 6 Lack of exercise Many hope to be able to lose weight without exercising. It is possible, but difficult: the weight will go slowly and one day it will stop. Many believe that by limiting the menu, you have to increase the difference between the calories consumed and consumed, and this is not correct: the body quickly goes into economy mode and all the work goes wrong, not to mention the physiological and psychological ones Discomfort, without exercise, the skin slackens and the muscles lose their shape. This makes the body limp and unsightly. Also, let’s not forget that during physical activity, the body produces endorphins that contribute to a good mood and contentment.

And a positive attitude in our life is just necessary!Do? Start with the type of activity you like best, go out, buy a subscription to the gym, swimming pool, attend group sessions in the gym, or go dancing.

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