Scholarships to study in the United States 2023/2024

Are you considering studying in the United States? The American university system is well-regarded for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life. However, the registration fees for U.S. universities can be quite high, ranging from $20,000 to $48,000 per year, and even more for prestigious institutions.

To finance your studies in the United States, scholarships present a viable solution. This article explores how to obtain a scholarship to study in the USA and outlines various scholarship opportunities available to international students.

Obtaining a Scholarship in Your Home Country:

  1. University Exchange Programs:
    • If you’re currently enrolled in a university in your home country, explore university exchange programs that have partnerships with American universities. This allows you to study in the U.S. for a semester or a year without paying U.S. registration fees.
  2. State and Community Scholarships:
    • Investigate scholarships offered by your home country’s government, state, and local communities. For instance, in France, students with social criteria-based scholarships can benefit from International Mobility Assistance, a €400 per month grant for up to 9 months.
    • Local authorities, such as town halls, departmental councils, and regional councils in France, also provide scholarships for students studying in the United States.

Fulbright Commission for French Students:

  • Fulbright Commission: If you’re French, the Franco-American Fulbright Commission is a valuable resource for financing your studies in the USA. This commission facilitates academic and cultural exchanges between France and the United States, offering scholarships to various profiles, including master’s and Ph.D. students, French assistants, doctoral students, researchers, teachers, and association actors.
  • Scholarship Details: The scholarship for students amounts to $30,000 for one academic year, focusing on excellence. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite.

American Scholarships:

  • Targeted Levels: Scholarships in the U.S. are primarily geared toward graduate (master) and post-graduate (doctorate) level students. They are merit-based, awarded to students excelling academically or in sports.
  • Types of Scholarships:
    • University scholarships are offered by U.S. higher education institutions.
    • Private scholarships are provided by institutes, organizations, and foundations.

Applying for a U.S. Scholarship:

  • Application Process: Apply for scholarships simultaneously with your university registration. Don’t wait for college admission results. Deadlines are typically around January 1 for a university start in August or September.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Scholarship applications are scrutinized by a jury, considering factors such as test scores (SAT or ACT), CV quality, professional experience, involvement in activities, and GPA.
  • Beware of Scams: Be cautious of companies claiming to find scholarships in exchange for upfront payments. Always complete procedures independently or through reputable organizations.

U.S. Organizations and Foundations:

  • Rotary International Club: Offers scholarships allowing around sixty students worldwide to study in the U.S., with some studying for free at a public university in Georgia.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation: Awards scholarships to students who have completed two years of community college studies.
  • PEO Foundation: Establishes scholarships, including the PEO International Peace Scholarship, exclusively for women, providing up to $10,000.
  • Franco-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation: French students can explore the “Serge Bellanger Scholarship,” a merit-based scholarship for those accepted into a U.S. MBA program.

Securing a scholarship can significantly alleviate the financial burden of studying in the U.S. It’s essential to follow application procedures diligently, explore opportunities in your home country, and exercise caution to avoid potential scams. Researching scholarships from U.S. organizations and foundations opens up diverse avenues for financial assistance.

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