Excellence scholarships from the Quebec government

Unlocking Excellence: Foreign Student Scholarship Program in Quebec

In the vibrant educational landscape of Quebec, the Excellence Scholarship Program beckons foreign pupils and students, offering a gateway to excellence in university education, technical college training, and vocational training. This visionary program seeks to attract the best international candidates to programs that promise favorable employment and research prospects. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this prestigious scholarship initiative and explore the myriad benefits it brings to selected candidates.

Program Highlights: The Excellence Scholarship Program unfolds its benefits across different educational realms, providing a comprehensive support system for foreign scholars. Selected candidates have the opportunity to enjoy:

  1. A Scholarship: A financial boost that serves as recognition of academic merit and potential.
  2. Exemption from Additional Tuition Fees: Foreign pupils or students selected for this program are relieved from additional tuition fees, fostering inclusivity in educational pursuits.
  3. Health and Hospitalization Insurance: Comprehensive coverage provided by the Régie de l’assurance santé du Québec (RAMQ), ensuring the well-being of scholars during their educational journey.

University Education: For those delving into the realms of research doctoral programs, the Excellence Scholarship stands at an impressive $25,000 per year. The coverage extends up to three years, with the possibility of a 12-month extension, accompanied by a monthly allowance of $1,000. Postdoctoral internships come with a scholarship of $35,000 per year, while short research or professional development stays are supported with a grant of $3,000 per month for a maximum period of four months.

Eligibility for University Programs: To be eligible, candidates must pursue studies or research activities at a Quebec university, spanning doctoral programs, postdoctoral internships, or short research or advanced training stays.

For detailed information, interested candidates can refer to the Excellence scholarships for foreign students page on the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies website.

Application Process for University Programs: Universities play a pivotal role in the pre-screening of applications, which are subsequently forwarded to the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT). Prospective applicants can initiate the process by contacting the university of their choice.

Technical College Training: Technical college excellence scholarships amount to $14,000 per year, providing substantial support for full-time studies leading to a diploma of college studies (DEC).

Eligibility for Technical College Programs: Eligibility criteria include the pursuit of full-time studies in a technical college training program leading to a diploma of college studies (DEC).

For comprehensive eligibility conditions, interested candidates can consult the Scholarships page on the Les Cégeps du Québec website.

Application Process for Technical College Programs: Applicants can submit their requests by reaching out to the CEGEP or private college that aligns with their academic goals. The scholarship application needs to be renewed annually, allowing for continuous support for up to three years.

Vocational Training: Excellence scholarships for vocational training programs range from $14,000 to $26,600, depending on the duration of the training. Eligibility criteria include successful completion of full-time studies in a professional training program leading to a professional studies diploma (DEP) or a DEP followed by a certificate of professional specialization (ASP). Certain program exclusions apply, and priority is given to students from specified regions.

Eligibility for Vocational Training Programs: Successful candidates must pursue and complete full-time studies in a professional training program leading to a DEP or a DEP followed by an ASP.

Application Process for Vocational Training Programs: Aspiring scholars seeking excellence in vocational training can find detailed information and submit applications on the Excellence Scholarships page of the Québec professions d’avenir website of International Education.

In conclusion, the Excellence Scholarship Program in Quebec not only provides financial support but also opens doors to a world-class education, vibrant research opportunities, and a rich cultural experience. As a beacon of academic excellence, this program stands testament to Quebec’s commitment to fostering global talent and building bridges across diverse educational landscapes.

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