The National Union of Organizers of Long-Term Stays Abroad or (UNSE)

The National Union of Organizers of Long-Term Stays Abroad or (UNSE)
The National Union of Organizers of Long-Term Stays Abroad or (UNSE)

UNSE: Nurturing Global Education for Young Minds

In the dynamic realm of international education, the inception of the National Union of Organizers of Long-Term Stays Abroad, UNSE, in 1992 marked a significant milestone. The primary objective behind its creation was to unite key players in the domain of extended stays abroad, specifically catering to the age group of 15 to 18-year-olds. UNSE serves as a unifying force, connecting entities that offer diverse opportunities for youths to engage in stays abroad, typically lasting a minimum of 3 months, with a predominant focus on continuing education in high schools across the globe. Notable destinations include the United States, England, Australia, and Germany.

Year after year, UNSE leaves an indelible mark on the lives of over 1,200 young individuals, offering an array of services through its esteemed members. These services encompass a spectrum of enriching experiences, ranging from high school studies in foreign countries to internships, volunteer programs, and immersive roles as young au pairs.

Diverse Service Offerings by UNSE Members:

UNSE members take pride in providing an extensive array of services, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each young adventurer. The common thread binding these offerings is the stipulation that the overseas sojourn must extend for a minimum of 3 months. The diverse service offerings include:

  1. Schooling in a High School Abroad: UNSE facilitates the enrollment of students in high schools located in various international locales, fostering a global perspective on education.
  2. Reciprocal Youth Exchange: Offering reciprocal youth exchange programs, UNSE creates opportunities for cultural immersion and mutual learning among young individuals.
  3. Study at a University Abroad: UNSE opens gateways for students to pursue higher education at universities situated in diverse countries, broadening academic horizons.
  4. Au Pair Stays: Young individuals can opt for au pair stays, immersing themselves in new cultures while contributing to host families as caregivers.
  5. Volunteering or Volunteering Abroad: UNSE members provide platforms for individuals to engage in volunteer programs, contributing to various global causes.
  6. Internship: UNSE facilitates opportunities for undertaking internships abroad, enabling young minds to gain valuable professional experience in international settings.
  7. Jobs Abroad: Exploring employment options abroad becomes seamless with UNSE, as it assists young individuals in finding suitable job opportunities overseas.

The hallmark of UNSE’s commitment lies in ensuring the quality of these extended stays. As a proud member of the regulatory body overseeing the quality of language stay programs in France, UNSE adheres to stringent standards. The organization is dedicated to evaluating and preparing candidates before their overseas endeavors, providing continuous support and monitoring throughout the entire duration of their projects abroad.

In essence, UNSE acts as a beacon, illuminating the path for young minds to embark on educational journeys that transcend borders, fostering personal growth, and nurturing global awareness. Through its comprehensive services, UNSE not only opens doors but creates transformative experiences that shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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